How To Cancel A Pre-order On Steam

Our straightforward guide on how to cancel a pre-order through Steam

How to Cancel Preorder on Steam

Pre-ordering games is much more popular today than it once was, mainly thanks to the tasty discounts that come accompanied with a game pre-order. Alongside discounts, users also get other incentives, including early access and additional game gifts.

Despite these benefits, there are plenty of gamers that chnage their minds on pre-ordering games. Fortunately, for those individuals, the option to cancel a pre-order on Steam is available.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the easiest method on how to cancel a pre-order on Steam.


How To Cancel A Steam Pre-order

If you’re looking to cancel your pre-order via Steam, fear not, the process is simple – and can be done months after the pre-order was processed.

Here’s the quickest and simplest way to cancel a Steam pre-order.


Go To Steam Help

Steam pre order 1

Start by navigating to the Steam help webpage and log into your Steam account.

After doing this, click on the ‘Purchases’ tab.


Find The Pre-order You Want To Pre-order

Steam pre order 2

Once inside purchases, find the game you would like to refund and click on it. If your purchase isn’t listed in this section, you can no longer refund that particular game.


Give A Reason For Refunding

Steam pre order 3

From the options available, simply select why you would like to refund the game by clicking on the most relevant option.


Select 'Request A Refund'

Steam pre order 4

Simply click the ‘I’d like to require a refund’ button from the options available to bring the refund process.


Complete The Request Form

steam pre order 5

Complete the request form and complete via submitting. After doing so, you’ll be able to select a refund to either the Steam Wallet or your original payment method.

After completion, Steam will send you an email letting you know the transaction is complete.

Remember, if the pre-order is over 3 months old then you may not be able to claim the money back into your original payment method.

Refunding into your Steam Wallet is still accepted.


So, there you have it, our quick step-by-step guide on how to cancel a pre-order on Steam. The process is incredibly easy and only takes minutes to complete.

Whether you accidentally placed a pre-order, changed your mind on the game you pre-ordered, or just want to save some cash, the above guide is the quickest and easiest way to do so. It will also allow you to refund the money into either your Steam Wallet or the original payment method.

If you have any questions regarding how to cancel a Steam pre-order, feel free to drop us a message in the comments section below.