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Best prebuilt gaming PC
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We understand that not everyone wants to build their own gaming PC, so we’ve decided to find the best prebuilt gaming PC currently on the market. Of course, what constitutes as “the best” really depends on your budget requirements, so we will be taking a look at prebuilt computers that cover a wide selection of costs. If you are looking to build your own then check out our best gaming PC guide.

Our prebuilt PC selections are going to offer excellent gaming performance for the price, with the higher-end options featuring some of the latest hardware available. The lower-end prebuilt computers will come with older generation components but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide a stellar platform to kickstart your gaming.

Best prebuilt gaming PC:

Latest prebuilt PC & hardware news

AMD has released its newest RDNA2 RX 6X50 XT refresh. With it, there are three new Radeon GPUs that upgrade on existing offerings.

Our Top Picks

WePC Awards Best In Class
The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC
The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $2000
A mid-range prebuilt gaming PC that packs a punch

How we choose

We scoured popular and reputable prebuilt gaming PC manufacturers such as SkyTech, MSI, iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, and even the latest prebuilt gaming PCs from companies that specialize in upgrades and customizations such as CUK.

After an extensive search, we came up with a long list of potential candidates, we then: examined the specs, compared them, and came up with the five best prebuilt gaming PCs.

How we test

To give you an idea of how well these prebuilt gaming PCs performed, tests were made and benchmark results were recorded across a number of different games and platforms. We specifically picked popular games to give you an up-to-date reference.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, some retailers are experiencing stock issues. WePC constantly updates our pages to reflect current availability, so if the PC or part you want shows as out of stock, check back later or check out these alternatives.

Things to consider

Whether you are buying the best prebuilt gaming computer or building one from scratch, there are several key areas to consider first to ensure you make a solid investment and don’t end up disappointed.  The last thing we want is for you to buy a prebuilt gaming PC only to find it can run your favorite game in your chosen resolution and settings.

To make sure you leave well informed and ready to buy your new gaming PC, have a read through this section, where we explain a few things about prebuilt PCs and how they compare with a self-built alternative. We also look into what we consider makes a gaming PC “the best”, while also sharing our favored prebuilt PC manufacturers.

7 reasons you should buy a prebuilt gaming PC – Quick glance

  • You don’t have to worry about compatibility between components, systems are spec’d, tested, and guaranteed to work from prebuilt PC manufacturers
  • Current stock issues plaguing the market make it harder than ever before to get some crucial components
  • If you haven’t got the time to learn the building process, a prebuilt PC takes the stresses away, arriving ready to go straight out of the box
  • If you face any hardware issues, you have the option to send them back to the manufacturer to fix
  • Prebuilt gaming PCs come with warranties, protecting your investment for at least a year
  • Some of the best gaming PCs will often come with additional items, such as a keyboard and mouse, however, these are often entry-level peripherals that you will need to upgrade at some point
  • Prebuilt PCs almost always come with Windows pre-installed

What is the best prebuilt gaming PC?

As mentioned earlier, what is considered the best prebuilt gaming PC really depends on you, your gaming needs, and the budget you set aside. We could, in theory, just recommend five prebuilt PCs with the absolute best components but in reality, most of us don’t have $2000+ lying around.

To make sure we recommend something for everyone, we are going to be including the best prebuilt gaming PCs for a number of budgets. Sure, some of these computers may come with compromises but they will offer the best performance for their particular price category, meaning you’ll only have to worry about what game you play first.

Prebuilt gaming PC prices

Prebuilt PC prices are on the rise, however, with the current issues builders face, there has never been a better time to pick up a ready-made gaming PC. As it stands, you are likely to pay around $1,650 for an RTX 3060 Ti prebuilt PC. This will net you a great gaming experience but sadly some value has been lost due to the incredible demand for graphics cards.

At the other end of the scale, Nvidia flagship RTX 3090 prebuilt are unbelievably expensive. These prebuilts obviously come with the best CPU, a great motherboard, high-capacity RAM, and loads of storage but they are out of most gamers’ price range. Beyond that are some of the most expensive gaming PCs in the world but you would need an impressive bank balance for those.

There is a price point for everyone but it is much harder now to get yourself a solid 1080p gaming PC for less than $1,000. It isn’t impossible though and there is always entry-level hardware for those with the tightest purse strings. Saving money and buying a cheap gaming PC isn’t always the smartest investment though, with high-end prebuilt computers requiring less upkeep/ upgrades than their older-gen counterparts.

Ready to ship prebuilt PC prices:

RTX GPU iBUYPOWER CyberPowerPC Origin PC Skytech
RTX 3060 / RTX 3060 Ti $1,599 (3060 Ti) $1,665 (3060) $2,321 (3060) $1,369.99 (3060)
RTX 3070 $1,949 $2,079 $2,704 $1,899.99
RTX 3080 $2,399 $2,519 $3,648 $2,439.99
RTX 3090 $3,799 $3,865 $4,115.99

Prebuilt gaming PC vs custom

It is no secret, here at WePC we always recommend you build your own gaming PC but we understand that not everyone has the time. Building your own gaming PC is great because you can control everything that goes into it and, more importantly, it tends to offer much better value.

You may think you’ve seen a bargain but the reality is that prebuilt computers often come with a markup (around $100-$300 depending on the build price) to cover the physical building and software of the machine. Just to put it into perspective, the markup of a prebuilt is essentially the same price as an entire component.


While the performance between different budgets will obviously vary, these are the best prebuilt gaming PCs, so naturally, they will offer a fantastic gaming experience for the price. When building your own PC though, you could potentially include a better CPU or GPU with the savings you will most likely make, giving you greater performance for your cash and future-proofing your system for longer.


The main selling point behind a prebuilt gaming PC is it saves you the hassle. We understand that not everyone knows how to build a computer and may not even have the time to learn this new skill, so the convenience of a prebuilt makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are many more benefits to buying a prebuilt gaming PC from manufacturers, obviously, it takes the stresses away from finding all the compatible components, while also preventing damage to said components when the time comes to build it.

With one of these gaming PCs, you are going to be able to send it back to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. Furthermore, if you feel you need an upgrade, suppliers will often do this for you or at least insist you send it to them for an upgrade. Manufacturers will also dish out a warranty, usually covering parts and labor for around a year but some companies offer impressive warranties and you can always spend extra on insurance, giving you a lengthy/ lifetime warranty.

These computers are from the biggest manufacturers around the world and aren’t just packaged nicely for you either, they normally stress test the system to ensure the components are working before shipping and that it performs as it should. You will also receive your system with software, usually with Windows and drivers pre-installed, so you can simply plug it in and start downloading games.

Prebuilt gaming PC reviews

We have tried and tested a few prebuilt computers from various manufacturers here at WePC, why not check out our in-depth reviews before purchasing a system.

The best prebuilt gaming PC


In-depth Review

The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC
WePC Awards Best In Class

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC (3080)

Editor's Rating

High-end gaming performance

Powerful gaming CPU

Overall specs make this feel very snappy

Great amount of storage

Well priced


The SkyTech Shiva is the best prebuilt gaming PC for two reasons – value and performance. This PC is going to handle every game in any setting and more, with an excellent set of components inside.

Powering this PC, we see an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, a  solid CPU for gaming and light to medium workloads. This processor features strong single-core performance and ships with 6 cores and 12 threads running at a base speed of 3.6GHz. The CPU combines with one of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards – the RTX 3080. The RTX 3080 offers stunning results, meaning you can play any game in any setting you like.

There are many other nice-to-haves included in this prebuilt PC too. This build features 16GB of RAM, which is going to bolster the performance of your system across the board. There is also a dual-storage solution installed with this one, which includes a 1TB SSD.

The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $2000

Skytech Blaze 3.0 (3070)

Editor's Rating

Excellent gaming performance


Good airflow


Skytech offers some excellent value with their prebuilt computers here, delivering fantastic gaming performance at competitive prices.  The Blaze 3.0 is packed with premium components and wrapped in a high airflow case.

Powering this system is the impressive AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU, one of the latest processors from the incredible Ryzen 5000 series. This fast CPU comes with proven ability for both gaming and CPU intensive tasks, with the 6 cores and 12 threads running at a base clock speed of 3.6GHz and a max boost clock of up to 4.6GHz. Supporting the CPU is the fierce RTX 3070, one of Nvidia’s latest 30-series GPUs. The card is a winner for gaming, with similar levels of performance to the fabled RTX 2080 Ti, making playing games in high settings a walk in the park.

We see 16GB of fast (3200MHz) RAM in this build. This prebuilt also comes with Windows 10, wifi, and a fast 1TB NVME SSD. There is no additional HDD with this build but with 1TB you good to go.

A mid-range prebuilt gaming PC that packs a punch

iBUYPOWER Pro SlateMono 238i Gaming PC

iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop SlateMono 238i


Intel Core i5-12600KF


RTX 3060 Ti





Editor's Rating

High quality build

Seamless 1080p gaming performance

Great aesthetics


Only 500GB SSD

iBUYPOWER always offers strong prebuilt options and this SlateMono is the perfect middle ground for any gamer who games in 1080 or 1440p.

For the relatively affordable price, we found that this computer was able to deliver surprisingly outstanding results in our testing. The Intel Core i5-12600K CPU (3.6GHz that you can turbo boost to 4.9GHz) stood its ground compared to competitors. Even during stress tests, this PC maintained smooth performance and correct temperatures. The 12600K is fast and multithreaded, making it ideal for gaming and any light to medium workloads you may need to carry out.

For graphics, we have the RTX 3060 Ti, a strong mid-range GPU that is highly capable in the 1080p and 1440p sphere. The downside here is a lack of storage, with a mere 500GB. SSDs are up to 30x faster than a traditional HDD, but we wouldn’t mind if the SSD was bigger.

The best prebuilt gaming PC under $1500

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC (GXiVR8480A10)

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC GXiVR8480A10


Intel Core i5-11600KF


GeForce RTX 3060





Editor's Rating

Fantastic gaming performance

Visually superb

Fast SSD storage


Features older generation CPU

The Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC from CyberPowerPC is more than capable of taking care of your gaming needs for some time. The performance is excellent for the price and you can be sure that has something to do with the powerful CPU/GPU combination inside.

The CPU is the i5-11600KF, which is the previous generation but this comes highly recommended for gaming. The single-core performance on this processor is quality and it features a base clock speed of 3.9GHz which can be boosted to 4.9GHz in the BIOS. This six-core CPU is the “KF” version which basically means it doesn’t come with onboard graphics. Not to worry though as it’s backed up by the RTX 3060 graphics card from Nvidia.

The RTX 3060 GPU is a monster for 1080p gaming and even has decent benchmarking results in the 1440p resolutions too. With this card, you can be sure to play on a wide range of games in high settings or enjoy high FPS counts in your favorite competitive games.

This machine features a fast SSD and while the SSD is only 500GB, it is more than enough to hold your operating system and a couple of your favorite games. Furthermore, the SSD is backed up with a 1TB HDD, which is perfect for all your media.

This would make an excellent PC for beginners and hardcore gamers alike, with strong gaming features at the heart of this build. Aside from the components, you get a PC case with pre-installed RGB fans, a PSU shroud, and a window to see inside. Lastly, you also receive a CyberPowerPC keyboard and mouse so you can jump straight into those games when it arrives.

The best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000

Skytech Shadow Gaming PC (3050)

Editor's Rating

Affordable with high amount of storage

Solid 1080p gameplay

Budget prebuilt PC with DLSS


Budget GPU

Only 8GB of RAM

The Skytech Shadow Gaming PC is the perfect companion to tackle your competitive esports titles, with the budget yet powerful CPU/GPU combination inside.

We see the 10th gen Intel i5-10400F CPU, a reasonable processor for the price. The single-core performance on this processor may not be amazing but it runs at a base clock speed of 2.9GHz which can run at a max boost up to 4.3GHz. The processor is multithreaded, with 6 cores and 12 threads, meaning it will make light work of heavy load tasks and generally make your prebuilt gaming PC feel quicker.

The RTX 3050 GPU is considered budget-level but still solid for 1080p gaming and has decent benchmarking results for its price. You can play on a wide range of games in high settings or enjoy high FPS counts in your favorite competitive games. You also get to take advantage of ray tracing, with the accompanying DLSS technology.

This machine features a fast 1TB SSD storage solution, giving you more than enough to hold your operating system and most of your favorite games.

This would make an excellent PC for beginners but also suits hardcore gamers on a budget.

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Best prebuilt gaming PC brands

Every recommended prebuilt gaming PC in this article is from a reputable manufacturer. You are probably wondering how we know what the best gaming PC brands are? Well, we have done our research and purchased PCs from these brands.

Most notable brands:

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Final Word

With so many options out there, buying the best prebuilt gaming PC can sometimes be a bit tricky. Well, the aim of this article is to try and help solve this issue, with our recommendations covering a wide range of budgets and gaming needs. You can rest assured that every selection offers a fantastic gaming experience for the price and come from reputable manufactures, so all you have to worry about is what game to play!

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