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Best Office Chair 2022

An In-Depth Look At The Best Office Chairs Of 2022

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You might be surprised to see a furniture article that isn’t covering the best gaming chairs here on WePC. But never let it be said that we aren’t averse to changing it up here and there, in this instance, we’re looking at the best office chair of 2022. Given the huge number of complaints regarding back pain every year and the ongoing COVID pandemic that is still causing people to work from home, we thought it’d be a good time to take another look at what the best office chairs available are like.

Best office chair: first look

The best office: What to look for

Whether it’s the latest GPU or a brand new sofa, making sure you know what to look for is critical in being able to select the best product for your specific needs. Choosing an office chair is no different and needs the same amount of consideration as anything else.

Before we get into the key areas, first, you need to understand your own needs. The following are some questions you should be asking yourself when searching for the perfect office chair:

  • Are you looking for comfort?
  • Are you looking for a more supportive chair?
  • Do you need height adjustment?
  • Do you require a tilt-lock?
  • Do you get back pain after extended periods of usage?
  • What material is going to best suit your requirements?
  • Do you use a standing desk or a standard seated desk?

There are a ton of questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for before starting your search. There are hundreds of chairs out there, so being unprepared can make for a really stressful chair researching experience. Be prepared, and life becomes a whole lot easier.

How we choose

A decent office chair is a complete necessity. Finding the right one can be determined by several key areas. The following is a list of the areas which we consider most important when selecting a quality chair:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Chair Functionality
  • Lumbar support
  • Build materials & quality
  • Aesthetics

Ultimately, if the chair you’re looking to buy can tick off a few of these fundamental criteria, you’re more than likely onto a winner. However, finding a chair that houses all these qualities can sometimes be expensive and challenging, meaning you have to spend endless amounts of time researching numerous different options.

The list below is what we consider to be the best office chairs that money can buy right now. We have tried to categorize them into specific genres, so at least one chair will cater to everyone’s needs.

The best office chair: What to consider

Lower Back Pain

This is a great question and one that gets asked all too regularly. Our job is to try and educate you as a reader so you can go and make the best decision possible for your specific requirements.

One of the main reasons most people decide to look for a new office chair is lower back and joint pain. Using an ineffective office chair can lead to a whole plethora of medical problems, which include back pain, joint pain, and even breathing difficulties in rare cases. This is because the body is in the incorrect position and, over time, starts to feel the effects of this.

Now, a good office chair will promote solid posture, reduce aches and strains, and even promote healthy breathing. But how do you select a chair with these characteristics?

Well, the easiest way is to find a chair made by a reputable manufacturer and have a look through the specifications of the chair, which will outline exactly what the chair can offer you. However, as it’s usually difficult to truly know whether that chair is actually going to feel right for you is another matter altogether. This being said, little features like height adjustment, tilt-lock, and lumbar support adjustment are all excellent additions in tweaking a chair’s feel if it isn’t quite right.

Ergonomic features

A decent ergonomic chair should provide Adjustable lumbar support, high-density foam seats, and good neck support, whether it takes the form of a moveable pillow or a more creative mechanism. Some chairs, like the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 series have a novel system of knobs that adjust the protrusion of the lumbar support section. However, a decently dense pillow is just as good and attainable at a far lower cost. The best ergonomic office chairs will have additional features that aren’t like adjustable armrests, multiple seat depths, and an adjustable headrest.

When you have all of these features adjusted to your liking, you will be able to retain good posture for long periods without fatigue or the development of aches and pain. However, all these features are for nothing if you don use them correctly. To that end, we’ve made an infographic that will guide you into the healthy seating position your body needs.

Chair Ergonomics
  • Make sure the top of the monitor is about level with your eyeliner when sat up straight
  • Sit with your lower and upper back pressed against the backrest
  • Adjust the height of the chair until your knees are at a 90-degree angle
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor. If you’re particularly short, a footrest can help with this


For those out there who don’t struggle with back pain, but are looking to upgrade to something more comfortable and supportive, the following are things to consider when purchasing the right office chair for you.

Make sure that the material and feel of the chair aren’t too hard. Mesh seats and backrests are notorious for being designed more towards lumbar support than comfort. If you’re looking for a healthy balance between the two areas then we suggest a leather (real or PU) chair with a decent amount of cushioning. Also, consider the height of the backrest and whether or not the chair comes with a headrest. This is a crucial area as it allows your whole body to relax while you’re thinking or resting. Some chairs come with additional seat cushions, which further improve comfort and supportiveness.


This is a critical area of deciding which chair is right for you, especially if you’re really tall or short. Most chairs are built to accommodate people with heights ranging from around 5ft to over 6ft. However, if you are exceptionally tall or short, you’re going to want to pay particular attention to the following areas.

The sitting height is a crucial element in any tall/short person’s chair decision process. For me, being over 6-foot, I like to pay particular attention to the seat height as anything too low can cause real problems when trying to achieve the optimal sitting position. For a tall person, we would recommend a chair that can go over 50cm in height. Alternatively, for short people, we’d would recommend anywhere from 40-45cm.

Secondly, the height of the backrest is key in both of these regards as well. A taller person, naturally, will want a tall backrest that has ample head and upper back support. This being said, a shorter person would not benefit from this feature and would be better suited to a shorter-backed chair.

Build quality

It means very little if you get a fantastically ergonomic chair if it just falls apart within a few months. So, ergonomic concerns aside, you need to be aware of the build quality of the chair. This is particularly important for chairs as there is a lot of snake oil out there that you need to avoid.

What we’re looking for when it comes to build quality is a high-quality steel or aluminum base, tactile sturdy levers, and well-stitched and well-sourced upholstery. You might have to pay a premium for all these things to be top-tier, but consider it an investment as getting it right on the initial purchase will provide you with a chair that will stand the test of time.

In-depth: The best office chairs

The best of the best

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron

Chair Type


Maximum Load (A/B/C)


Dimensions (A)

40.9 x 65.4 x 98 cm

Dimensions (B)

42.7 x 68.6 x 104 cm

Dimensions (C)

42.7 x 71.8 x 109 cm

Editor’s Rating
  • Typically provides discomfort-free seating for 8 hours+
  • Great longevity
  • 12 years warranty if new
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easy to clean
  • Very high value retention
  • Different sizes
  • Even largest size might not suit very tall people
  • Lumbar support adjustability could be more flexible
  • Non-cushioned
  • Harder plastic on sides uncomfortable for non-standard seating position
  • Many adjustment features cost extra

Our top pick provides comfort, support, and a stylish look to make an all-around excellent office chair. Herman Miller has long been a household name when it comes to quality furniture, so it’s no surprise to see them at the top of this list of the best office chairs.

For those of you that already have quite a bit of prior knowledge when it comes to office chairs, the name Herman Miller will be of no surprise. They’ve been one of the leading chair manufacturers for years and are behind some of the most iconic furniture pieces of the modern era.

With a resume like this, you know their office chairs are going to be of the highest quality.

The Embody, for us, fully embodies (mind the pun) the phrase, “world-class office chair.” The technology in this thing is next level and to learn how it was made only heightens my respect for the company and the chair itself.

The idea came from the late Bill Stumpf (creator of the Aeron chair) and was designed by Jeff Webber and a team of up to 20 physicians and doctors who specialize in ergonomics, physiotherapy, and biomechanics.

The chair’s design is extremely intelligent; it’s been designed around the human body and has a spine and ribs which flex and bend to accommodate your current position. This, in turn, reduces the stress on key areas of your body and repositions tension to other areas more suitable to handle it.

The build quality is utterly superb and comes with a 12-year Herman Miller warranty, which just shows you how confident the team is when it comes to this chair.

Unfortunately for some, this chair is going to be out of range in terms of price as it currently retails at over $1000. However, for that price, you get unrivaled levels of back and lumbar support, a good level of comfort, and build quality that is going to last the test of time.

Ergonomic pick

Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair

Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

Seat Dimensions

26 x 26 x 43 inches

Height Adjustable


Lumbar Support




Editor’s Rating
  • Nice design which will fit most environments
  • Good amount of lumbar support
  • High back suitable for tall people
  • Expensive

Just missing out on the top spot, this office chair from Humanscale comes with a wealth of support features to make sure you stay comfortable all day long.

Fully supportive and with an unassuming and subtle design, the Humanscale Freedom Office Chair is another great option for your working space.

The only offering from Humanscale comes in the form of the ever-popular Freedom office chair. The Freedom was designed by the legend, Niels Diffrient, whose main goal was to redefine the manually adjustable office chair into a product that automatically alters to the user’s exact needs.

In a nutshell, the Freedom takes care of all the recline tension and tilt functionality by itself; all you have to do is lean back when you feel ready. The latest iteration of this chair comes with a self-intuitive headrest that moves to agree with the current position of your head. This effectively maximizes neck support and adds extra comfort, respectively.

The chair comes in five different fabric colors but can also be purchased in a luxury leather finish, which really adds to the high-end profile this chair already has.

The Freedom just misses out of the top spot but does offer something the Embody chair doesn’t, a fully automated chair that alters its position to suit your needs perfectly.

Mesh pick

NeueChair Obsidian

neuechair obsidain

Chair Type


Maximum Load


Gross Weight


Sitting Height

19.3” – 22.4”

Editor’s Rating
  • Supreme comfort
  • Generous amount of adjustment options
  • High build quality
  • Premium materials
  • Costly
  • Armrests height adjustment could be better

From the same team that brings us the excellent SecretLabs gaming chairs, the Neue Chair Obsidian was a no-brainer to include on this list for us.

With multiple customization options, the Neue Chair Obsidian is perfect for long workdays and people looking for extra comfort.

If you’re looking for an office chair that fits in with your office design-wise while being able to provide exceptional comfort and support, the Neue Chair Osibidan may be the pick for you. A subsidiary of SecretLabs, Neue Chair, knows how to make a quality chair.

There are a variety of adjustable parts on this chair that help personalize it to your specific needs for ultimate comfort. Where this chair particularly excels is in the back and lumbar support. The mesh material on the backrest means this chair provides great support without overheating – perfect for warmer climates.

The chair also comes with something called Focus Mode. This combines the back support customization with seat adjustments to provide you with the perfect posture for staying focused while you work.

The armrests are very comfortable on this chair as well, but they are the one area we feel could be improved. You can adjust each armrest separately, which may sound like a plus, but we actually found it to be a drawback. It means it can take extra time to make sure they both line up at the same height and don’t leave you sitting at a strange angle.

Professional Pick

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Seat Height


Height Adjustable


Lumbar Support




Editor’s Rating
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Fantastic lumbar support
  • Build quality of the highest standard
  • Great functionality
  • Expensive

For those with extra cash to spend, this second entry from Herman Miller brings a new level of professional design to the office chair world.

Herman Miller makes another appearance with their Mirra 2 chair. This one comes in with a higher price tag, but a sleeker design – perfect for professionals.

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the best gaming chairs over the last ten years, then you will be fully up-to-date with the classic Mirra office chair. The Mirra 2 is a rework based upon the old model and comes to the table with some excellent new design materials and functionality.

Studio 7.5 is the team behind the design, and they have been quoted saying the Mirra 2 is “Support for people who work in a constant state of motion.” That gives you a little taster of what the guys had in mind when designing this thing.

Ergonomically the chair moves to support your every need; whether you’re leaning in one direction or straining in another, the chair will alter itself to reduce strain as much as possible. The backrest has a mesh finish, and the seat is cushioned, meaning you have both excellent back support and decent buttock comfort at the same time. Like all Herman Miller products, they try to find a good balance between comfort and support, and the Mirra 2 cracks it nicely.

Studio 7.5 decided to be the first chair designed to make use of reusable materials in a chair, and that is primarily what the Mirra 2 is made of. The chair is completely reusable once it comes to the end of its lifespan, but you won’t have t worry about that for some time. These chairs are built to last and 10years of usage is easily achievable.

Budget pick

Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair

Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair

Seat Dimensions

26 x 26 x 43 inches

Height Adjustable


Lumbar Support




Editor’s Rating
  • Lots of functionality and adjustability
  • Promotes a healthy posture
  • Very affordable
  • Limited seat materials

Low cost but not low quality – that’s what we’re looking at with the Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair. Perfect for those on a budget.

For those looking to save a few pennies without sacrificing on comfort and support, the Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair is perfect for you. And, the built-in footrest really helps support your whole posture while you work.

Finally, we come to our last pick. No best of guide would be complete without a budget offering, and that’s precisely what we get with the Sihoo Ergonomic office chair. Don’t let the price fool you, though; the Sihoo comes with a load of features that other, more expensive chairs don’t offer.

At its heart, the Sihoo office chair is a fully functional, reclining, back supporting, and comfortable chair. However, thanks to some handy additional features, the Sihoo becomes so much more.

The headrest on this chair is great and offers real levels of head support, especially when you pair it with the mesh backrest. The seat is comfortable but not too soft, which, again, boosts its supportive values. A really nice feature of this chair is the footrest, which is built-in and can be adjusted to your specific needs. Had a hard day at the office? Lean back and put your feet up. The great thing about this chair, as mentioned above, is that it’s our budget pick and is considerably less than other chairs in this list. At the time of writing this, it currently retails at under $250, which is an absolute bargain.

Still in the mood for chasing chairs? We’ve written a lot about chairs here at WePC, take a look below.

Chairs by price

Best office chair: The final word

So, there you have it, our comprehensive guide on the best office chairs available in 2020. We’ve tried to give you our best recommendations to save you from having to go out there and do the hard research. However, if nothing here suits your needs, we’ve also tried to give you all the information required to go out and seek out your perfect office chair.

For me, the best of the bunch was Herman Miller; it’s hard to compete with a company that has been at the top of its game for over 20 years. However, the Sihoo offers excellent value for money and a ton of features.

Whichever chair you decide to go for, hopefully, we’ve given you the right information to allow you to pick the one that is right for you.

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