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AOC AGON AG274QZM mini-LED monitor officially announced

Another mini-LED 240Hz gaming monitor joins the party

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AOC officially announced a new high-performance gaming monitor into its ever-expanding AGON pro family today, once again equipped with the popular Mini-LED backlight technology.

The new display has been labeled the AGON Pro AG274QZM (not to be confused with the AG274QGM) and will sport an impressive 240Hz 1440p IPS display. While it won’t be the brand’s flagship panel, it will share many of the same core features – only separated by a drop in peak refresh rate.

The AOC AGON AG274QZM is set for release this June 2022, with a start price of £999.99.

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AOC unveils new AGON Pro AG274QZM gaming monitor

Just when you thought AOC couldn’t release any more new monitors, they go and unveil another high-performance mini-LED gaming monitor. The new QHD monitor will pair a 27-inch IPS panel alongside mini-LED backlight technology for the highest levels of color accuracy, viewing angles, and HDR performance.

The mini-LED layer offers up an impressive 576 local dimming zones, allowing the monitor to reach a 1200 nits peak brightness and VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification. Alongside this, the AG274QZM will also deliver a silky smooth gaming experience thanks to a 240Hz refresh rate and low 1ms GTG response time. While we’ll take the latter with a pinch of salt, it wouldn’t be the first time that an IPS panel has performed to the marketed response time specs. Users can also expect NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility for this monitor, ensuring that no stutter or screen tear is experienced.

Additional features include built-in KVM switch, USB-C connectivity, and a number of USB 3.2 ports as well. With no mention of display inputs in the press release, we can only expect that DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 are used here.

With an ever-expanding lineup of high-end gaming monitors, including the high-end AOC PD32M mini-LED monitor, this year could be one of the most successful in some years

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