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AMD Zen 4 & AM5 to release this Fall

Dr. Lisa Su unveiled many details about AMD's plans for the future at Computex 2022, most notably the release window for its new CPUs.

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AMD zen 4 release date has been confirmed. AMD‘s new CPUs have been teased through rumors for many months now, bringing guarded excitement to the hearts of AMD fans globally. Fortunately, now we have information from Dr. Lisa Su herself, regarding the release date of AM5 and Zen 4 CPUs. 

Check out our AMD Computex page for a full breakdown.

No specific information was given to us during the keynote until almost the very end when Dr. Lisa Su announced the release time as “Fall 2022”. A Fall 2022 release time is in line with many of the rumors we covered earlier this year, most of them coming from ‘Greymon55’ on Twitter. With the release date marked as “Fall 2022” it means we could see Ryzen 7000 series CPUs hit the shelves as early as September.


Many exciting features of AM5 and Zen 4 were confirmed by the CEO of AMD, including DDR5 support, PCIe Gen 5 support, and a 170W TDP. 

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We also got a snippet of an unnamed Ryxen 7000 CPU’s performance during the keynote, reporting performance uplifts on the single-core performance of up to 15% compared to current-gen Ryxen CPUs. 

That’s not all, we also got a glimpse of this mystery CPU’s workstation performance against one of Intel’s leading CPUs, the 12900K. AMD’s mystery Ryzen was pitted against the 12900K in a Blender render, rendering an image of itself, it completed the task 31% faster than the 12900K – that’s impressive. 

These render speeds are most likely due to the fact that the Ryzen 7000 CPU featured in the keynote ran at an incredible 5.5GHz all-core speed, making this mystery CPU the fastest factory CPU ever. 

We’re very excited to see what this new Ryzen can do, and we will bring you more information on the Zen 4 CPUs and AM5 motherboards as it develops. For now, we’re just glad that AMD zen 4 release date has been confirmed.

Until then, if you’d like to know more about Zen 4 and AM5, we have articles on those to keep you busy. 

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