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Lost Ark Argos Abyssal Raid Phase 1 Guide

We have all the tactics, tips and tricks you need to take down Argos Phase 1!

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Congratulations! You have finally made it to item level 1370 in Lost Ark and you are ready to take on Phase 1 of the eight-player Argos Abyssal Raid! Before you dive in, we have put together this guide so you can arm yourself with the knowledge needed to defeat the fearsome Guardian. The general combat in Phase 1 of this Abyssal Raid likely won’t be too challenging for most Lost Ark players who have made it this far. However, there are some tough mechanics to keep in mind, as well as a few interesting techniques to getting around them, we cover all of the major abilities below.

Argos Phase 1 major mechanics, tips and tricks

Set up

  • Battle Items – You will want to bring the usual health potions for this one. Protective potions are also really useful to have along for Argos’ Small Solar & Lunar Cones ability.
  • Solar or Lunar? – Each player is assigned a Solar or Lunar debuff at the beginning of the fight depending on whether they are in party one or two. Lunar players have a purple ring at their feet, Solar players have a golden ring. This debuff determines safe areas for several of Argos’ abilities and will switch throughout the fight, so make sure to keep an eye on which you have.
  • Positioning – For Argos’ Wipe Mechanic safe zones will always appear in the same place to the North, East, South and West and only one player is allowed per safe zone. For this reason, it is best to set up positions before starting the fight. The easiest way to do this is to assign a direction to each party member’s number, for instance, 1 = North, 2 = East and so on. Make sure everyone knows where they need to be before the time comes.


  • Wipe Mechanic (Part 1) – Argos leaps to the centre of the arena. He then raises his head and lets out a roar. Eight safe zones then appear around Argos, two in each direction. Assuming you assigned everyone a position before the fight started, you now simply need to move to your assigned safe zone that matches the Solar or Lunar buff you have.
  • Wipe Mechanic (Part 2) – After the first part of this ability has finished, a timer dial appears underneath Argos. The way to complete this correctly is for the Solar and Lunar parties to transfer corresponding stacks to Argos by alternating which party deals damage. There is a much easier (and more common from my experience) way to deal with this though. If every player in both parties stops dealing damage to Argos until the timer dials run out, you can pass this mechanic with no issues, every time.
  • Large Solar & Lunar Cones – Argos will raise his head and let out a roar. Large Solar and Lunar Cones then surround him. You need to make sure you are standing in the zone that matches your Solar or Lunar buff. Argos then stomps on the ground damaging any players who are in the incorrect zone. Argos can repeat this attack two to three times in quick succession. For the second attack, the safe zones will always be the opposite of the first.
  • Small Solar & Lunar Cones – Argos leaps to the centre of the arena, lowers his head and begins swinging it from side to side. Whilst Argos is swinging his head, a Solar and Lunar Cone pattern will appear on the floor around him. This ability is more like a memory test than anything else and can be quite intimidating. Instead of memorising the cones, you can simply move to specific fixed cones depending on your Solar or Lunar buff. These fixed cones are the top right and bottom left for Solar players, and the top left and bottom right for Lunar players. When the mechanic begins you can take a protection potion to avoid taking damage whilst you position yourself, then avoid the last damage wave in the fixed cones.

That concludes this Lost Ark Argos Abyssal Raid Phase 1 Guide. We hope you found it useful! Why not check out some of our other awesome content at the Lost Ark Hub?

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