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How to Turn Off Music on Steam?

Turn off the music! Its too loud!

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Steam offers a lot of things apart from just playing games. You can join the communities, preview some creations from other users in the workshop, browse the store and more. One of the features available is the Steam Music Player. If you somehow turned on the music and do not know how to turn it off then this article is for you. So how to turn off music on Steam?

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Steam Music Player – Where To Find?

Recently while browsing the store on Steam I somehow turned on Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack on the Music Player. Then suddenly it was loud, and I had no idea what to do. I was surprised by that feature even being in the Steam client. So how to access Music Player?

All you need to do is go to View in the top left corner of the Steam client and then scroll to the sixth option from the top called Music Player. It is pretty straightforward. There you can access the Music Player and turn on or off the music that is playing currently. You can see a list of songs that you have access to, mostly gaming soundtrack. There is the ability for you to change the volume or the track.

Steam Music Player

If you want to turn off music on Steam then you have to access this Music Player. It is simple, but I had a hard time myself looking for it while I somehow turned on some music track.

Hopefully now you know how to access Steam Music Player and how to turn it off.

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