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Intel Cyber Monday deals 2021

Intel - igent deals this Cyber Monday

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In this guide, we’ll be steering you towards the best Intel Cyber Monday deals 2021. Along with a GPU, a CPU gobbles up a large part of any build’s budget, so you won’t want to miss on any savings courtesy of a tidy Cyber Monday markdown that can lower the overall cost.

What are the best Intel Cyber Monday deals 2021?

This section will list a curated selection of the top Intel Cyber Monday deals 2021. Rather than throw all and any Intel CPU deals your way, we’ve put the work in to distill our picks down to those that offer the deepest price cuts.

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Where do we expect to see the best Intel Cyber Monday deals?

The Intel 12th-Gen Alder Lake CPUs launched too recently for us to expect deals shaving a substantial amount of the retail price. The big markdowns should be found on older models, especially the 10th-Gen range, and the further we move back into Intel’s product line, the lower the Cyber Monday prices.

That said, the Alder Lake generation consists of some of the best CPUs we’ve seen from Intel in a long while, both in terms of processing power and performance-per-dollar. So, while you’ll be paying close to MSRP this Cyber Monday, you’ll leave with a vastly more value-packed CPU than even a discounted 11th-Gen model. You’ll need to weigh up whether you’re looking for the best value or simply the lowest price.

Now on to actual prices. Early Black Friday deals, which almost always carry on through to Cyber Monday. There are very few deals out there this Cyber Monday due to obvious stock availability, we’ll mark anything we see in stock for you, but we did find some deals this Cyber Monday. One example is the esteemed Intel Core i7-11700K If you’re looking for some processing oomph, Best Buy has cut the price of this CPU from $419 down to $389.

Grab a deal this Cyber Monday with the latest and most up-to-date Intel deals. Hurry before it’s too late! Stock won’t last forever.

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