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Gaming laptop Cyber Monday 2021 deals

Find the best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals right here!

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Laptops are a really useful tool to have, and typically they have a bunch of advantages over a traditional desktop. You can take them around with you wherever you need to go, but they’re also more usable than a tablet or smartphone. On the other hand, getting a powerful laptop can be quite expensive, and they can also be a generation behind the latest tech innovations. Luckily for you, Cyber Monday has a focus on tech that makes it the perfect time to get a decent laptop, whether you’re looking for budget, premium, gaming, or extreme laptops. Check out our complete list of all the best deals.

Where to buy gaming laptops on Cyber Monday

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Editor’s pick

Alienware m15 R5 15.6-inch 1080p, Ryzen 9, RTX 3070, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM

hot deal
$400 Off
Editor’s pick

GIGABYTE Aorus 240Hz 15.6-inch, i7-11800H, RTX 3080, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD

hot deal
$450 Off
Editor’s pick

Razer Blade 15 Advanced 15.6-inch, Intel Core i7, RTX 2070 SUPER, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

hot deal
Save $900
Editor’s pick

Gigabyte Aero 15-inch, 4K OLED, RTX 3060, i7-11800H, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

hot deal
Save $650
Editor’s pick

ASUS ROG Zephyrus 15.6-inch 1440p (Ryzen 9 5900HS, RTX 3070) 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

hot deal
$300 off
Editor’s pick

Alienware x15 R1 15.6″ 360Hz FHD Gaming Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 16GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 – 512GB SSD – White, Lunar Light

hot deal
Save $250
Editor’s pick

Razer Blade 15.6-inch (2020), i7-10875, RTX 2080 SUPER, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM

hot deal
Save $1400
Editor’s pick

Razer Blade 15-inch (2020) RTX 2080 Super, i7 10875H, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM

hot deal
Save $1400
Editor’s pick

Razer – Blade 15 Advanced – 15.6″ 4K OLED Touch Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 16GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER – 1TB SSD – Black

hot deal
Save $1,500

Some of the best places to buy laptops, are the same places you always get the best Cyber Monday deals. For instance, Amazon tends to give out the biggest discounts on electronics products because of just how big they are. Other big-box stores, like Best Buy and Walmart, also offer great discounts, though they usually have more limited access to stock when compared with Amazon. Another awesome place to look is your favorite laptop manufacturer’s website, as they may have exclusive deals and bundles that you won’t find anywhere else.

How much will a gaming laptop be on Cyber Monday?

How much you’ll need to pay, depends on what you’re aiming for. A massive 4K gaming laptop is going to run you at least $2000 to $3000, even with Cyber Monday discounts. If you’re just looking for a more budget laptop for surfing the web, there are much cheaper options available to you. Last year, Walmart discounted an Ultra Slim i3 Notebook by around $50, taking the overall price down to less than $200. With any luck, we’ll see these sorts of deals again this year.

What is the best gaming laptop Cyber Monday deals?

Laptops can be fairly confusing for newcomers, even more so if you’re looking for a gaming laptop that needs to meet certain performance requirements. For that reason, we like to go through some of the main things to look for when purchasing a new gaming laptop around Cyber Monday.

Below are the main performance affecting factors of a gaming laptop, ranked on how much it impacts your gaming performance:


The GPU is your graphics processing unit, designed to render images and push frame rates to their maximum. Whilst the GPU is the most expensive component that goes into a gaming laptop, it’s also the most impactful when it comes to gaming performance.


The CPU, or central processing unit, is your laptop’s internal brain. It processes all the data that allows applications and games to run. For a gaming laptop, you want to look for a multi-core processor that has the ability to perform multi-tasking type scenarios to a good standard. If not, you might end up bottlenecked by the CPU’s lack of performance.

Screen Size

Whilst other components are important, the screen size of your laptop can not be overlooked. A larger laptop screen puts a lot of additional performance strain on your internal hardware. That said, a larger screen also adds a lot to the immersion your laptop provides. There is certainly a fine line between price, performance, and immersion with a screen size – one that only you can determine for your specific needs.

For me, these are the three most important factors that make up a laptop when it comes to gaming. Whilst you could also mention RAM, storage, and cooling, these are much less impactful on both performance and price.

Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals – how we choose the best

Here at WePC, we have extensive knowledge of the marketplace when it comes to both PC hardware and laptops. So, when it comes to choosing the best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals, we are more than equipped with the expertise needed to find the best bargains the internet has to offer.

To help us handpick the best Cyber Monday deals, we make sure to prioritize the performance, relevance, and overall savings of the laptops on offer. This way, we’ll not only be recommending the cheapest laptops when the discounts roll in, but we’ll also be recommending the most up-to-date and relevant options too.

Where to find the best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals

Cyber Monday has exploded over the past decade or so, with almost every retailer under the sun slashing prices on some of the market’s biggest sellers. Whilst this is great for consumers, it also makes finding the best gaming laptop deals a little bit trickier.

Luckily, we’ve got years of experience when it comes to hardware technology and Cyber Monday sales events. We’ve had the pleasure of finding some of the best Cyber Monday deals since the event began, reducing the overall stress that can occur with some individuals.

That being said, below is a list of retailers that we will be covering closely between now and Cyber Monday. We’ll be handpicking only the best gaming laptop deals so that you don’t have to.


Amazon always provides some of the biggest Cyber Monday deals on the net. For that reason, we’ll be scouring their website on a daily basis to ensure that no stand-out deals are missed.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another stellar place to visit if you’re looking for a cracking deal, we’ll be constantly updating this page to keep you bang up to date with all the Best Buy deals.


Whilst Walmart might not be everyone’s first port of call when it comes to gaming laptops, they’re still a great place to come if you’re looking to save a few bucks this Cyber Monday. We’ll have all the best gaming laptop deals right here.


Newegg is one of the biggest names in the Cyber Monday game, bringing a tonne of deals to the table. For that reason, we’ll be making sure all the latest deals are found so you don’t miss out on a cracking saving.

When To Buy A Gaming Laptop During Cyber Monday

One of the big questions we get asked quite regularly when it comes to Cyber Monday is, when is the best time to buy a Cyber Monday gaming laptop? Because retailers are now pushing deals live as soon as November 5th for Black Friday and leaving them live, it’s hard to tell whether a deal at the start of November is actually worth your time – or will it be reduced further come November 30th. Annoyingly, there’s no way to determine whether a gaming laptop will be reduced further if you wait till the final weekend in November. For me, if you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop and you see a good deal during the lead-up, I would not hesitate to purchase it.

With stock levels depleted thanks to COVID, many retailers will be working on an ‘until stocks last’ basis. That means, once the deals are gone, they will not be returning any time soon.

Check out all our Cyber Monday Deals here.

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